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Manager Checks Attendance from anywhere

Check In AppCheck In - Track and Manage Attendance Easy!

Perfect app that manage your industry employees attendance so much easier from anywhere with your device!!

CheckIn app makes simple

Check In is a most efficient way to perform attendance tracking for any type of institution using your android device. It is the software application you need to track your employee’s attendance and manage time sheets.

Login as Check In Admin helps to track and manage attendance of employees. This app makes sure no more writing down attendance information of students or employees as It’s all managed within the admin app.

Check In have Two types of apps in single app based you choose, one is Check In Scanner to Track QR code and another one is Check In Admin to track employees attendance through mobile from anywhere.

Easy to use

We designed app with simple and clean user experince design.


We are using google firabse technology. that makes more secure and real time update data.

Manage with any device

We developed app to support all mobiles and tablets. We also provide admin app support for windows desktop.

Features availalbe with Easy perfect free app

Attendance Tracking

CheckIn app track attendance with QR Scanner using employee ID Card.

Attendance Managment

ChekIn Admin app manage each employee attendance list and also can export to excel sheet.

Employee Management

ChekIn Admin app manage employees to create and disable employees.

Setup timing

setting office entry time and total hours via CheckIn Admin app

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