Easy to use
Developers can easily implement timepicker in a website using the lightweight timepicki.js and timepicki.css
24H & AM/PM notation
Timepicki allows to use a 24-hour or 12-hour (with AM/PM notation) based clock
Access with keys
Users are able to choose time using the Arrow keys on the keyboard, and can also move from hour to minute field using the Tab key.
Set time limit
Developers are able to set an hour or minute limit for their project. For example time from 1 to 5 o'clock only
Set step size
Developers are able to choose the step size with which hours and minutes are incremented/decremented.
Change arrow direction
Developer can determine which arrow increments or decrements the time
User can type time
In timepicki users can also type hour or minute via keyboard. Allthough it's possible to disable this for mobile use, to prevent keyboard from showing up.
Clean UI
Timepicki has a simple and clean User interface, so users can easily understand and use it

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